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Farm Link

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Who doesn’t like cute little fruits and vegetables? Of course no one! You will see a lot of in this farming game. Your duty is to collect little cuties. To collect them, select same type of fruits or vegetables close to each other. It is a lot of fun, because when you collect them, they become very happy. Green apple, purple onion, orange carrot, red strawberry and more lovely fruits and vegetables are sleeping normally but when you select them, they wake up and when you collect, they are happy. By the way, don’t forget that you have a limited time. So you should collect fruits and vegetables as much as you can in this time. Consider that it is a family farm and you need to gather them quickly. This kind of fun games makes everybody have a lot of fun. And don’t forget that it is also a some kind of farming simulator and one of the best free games. These type of new farm games sometimes can be time limited and it is one of them. And it is good to have cute games for kids in the same time. Get that lovely apples!

Date Added: 2017-06-08

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