Survival Shooter

Survival Shooter

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Do you know all the abilities of yourself? What do you think about your talents especially for the guns and shootings? In this game, you can use the weapons to kill your enemies; but the story is very strange. Your character is a kind of guy who wears sleeping dress in the room. But suddenly, everywhere is full of enemies and different creatures. Now, you can show your speed and talents to everyone in the Survival Shooter game.

Game Details

How is this Shooter Game? There are some important points which are about the rules and other things about the game. Here they are; - In this Shooter Game you have a gun. If you play it on the PC, the mouse can be used for fire! Also for the moving everywhere, direction keys are on the scene. But you can also play this game on the mobile devices, don’t worry! - In the game, your gun has limitless bullets. The important thing is killing all the enemies. Your enemies are different creatures, some of them are like animals… - You can notice that there are some furniture, toys and other type of goods in the saloon. So, you can also use them to hide. Enemies will come over to you without losing any time but you can run away and keep the fire. - There are some bigger creatures among the enemies and they are died hardly than others. For example, when you shoot to a small creature, you can kill it in 2 shoots. But for the bigger ones, it takes nearly 10-15 shoots. So, keep the fire to them. If you like to use weapons and also like to feel adrenaline, you must to check the 3D Shooter Game out now. Be alive, kill the enemies and win the game!

Date Added: 2017-05-15

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