Return Football Man

Return Football Man

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The logic of the American Football game is to approach to the opponent team with the ball, dodge the ball between the players and get score points. The opponent team composes of 9 players and in the following chapters, players will approach faster. Build your game strategy in the best way and make your tactic planning according to your skills. You need to expose your skills more in the following chapters. The goal is to get the highest score. A fun adventure till the final is waiting for you. This is a fun American Football game. You will be playing with 10 different teams and you will have 5 matches with each team. These teams are Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago Dallas, Minnesota, New York, San Diego and Washington. You can also play this game in Android, PC and tableds. Besides, you can install mobile version of this game to your mobile phone from Google Play. How to play Touchdown: This is the real goal of the American Football. When you pass the final line of the opponent team with the ball, then it is a touchdown and it scores 6 points. The team that touchdowns, gets 2 more preferential rights to gain extra points. If the player goes to the finish line of the opponent team with ball again, the team gets 2 points. Or, if the player kicks the ball with foot to the net of the opponent team, the team gets 1 point. Generally, the players prefer the 1 point shoot because the chance of success is higher compared to 2 points shoot.���Field Goal: If the player kicks the ball with foot to the opponent team's net, then the team gets 3 points. So, why the teams sometimes prefer 3 points field goal shoot instead of 6 points touchdown shoot? Generally, if a 'fourth down' has happened in the same 10 yards period that is to say, if the last right is been used and the remaining time of the match is not enough for the touchdown, the player doesn't take the risk and tries to shoot field goal from where he is. Again, in the extra time, teams can finish the match with field goal shoots. Similar Return man game. �Safety: In the American Football, if the player in the scrimmage team falls down while holding the ball in his own goal line because of the defense player of the opponent team, then the defense team gets 2 points and the ball passes to the defense team.The purpose of this game is to get highest score, the reflex should be good, over time, slight of hand, and use your skills better as you play more you will see that you will be received high score, your score in each section more to the secret, slight of hand, the ball in the shortest time possible, if you make the goal in each section, you'll see that you'll only get a high score. Have fun when you play and you will spend pleasant moments. You want to make the highest score, have a good time. Have Fun!

Date Added: 2017-01-30

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