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Red Driver 3D

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Red Driver 3D Be ready to play for a perfect 3D car game! We claim that you have not played a game such this… The Red Driver 3D game is designed and made for all the players who love to drive a fast car but with bomb! Yes, this is the surprise part of the game, because this is not a simple race game. In this adventure, you will find modified 8 red cars to be driven by you and all these cars have bombs which can be blown while you are slow or you hit to other cars on the road. Let’s check the other details of this perfect car game; - In this game, you can select the day time. This specialty makes the game attractive and not like the other 3D car games on different platforms. For example, you can drive your red car under the sunlight or stars at night. This can be selected by the player. - You can also select the road type. The one way or two direction ways can be used by you. If you want, you can also select different game types here. - You will play this game with arrow keys and use all the parts of the road like center, left or right. - The most important thing is the “bomb health”. You can see the bar of it on the left side of the screen and when you are too fast, it is full of red color. So, it means, the bomb is alive still! Be Careful About the Other Vehicles! In such of these games, the other cars and vehicles have different important roles. If you see them on the road, just to be careful and don’t hit them. If you hit them, the “bomb health” bar lost a bit red color just because of this accident. And then, your speed must be higher suddenly. If not, bomb will be exploded on the road and game will be over… You can’t imagine how the feeling is this and 3D driver games are really wonderful with these extra details… Let’s play it for wonderful adventures.

Date Added: 2017-01-31

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