Modern World War

Modern World War

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There is a big war out there. It is like world war 2. All enemies armed and dangerous. What is you have to do is get involve this warfare and eliminate your brutal enemies. Of course there are lots of enemy soldiers who want to kill you and capture the territory. So you can’t give up, because your country and innocent people are counting on you. Prepare yourself, buy new weapons and sufficient ammo, get armed and listen to your commander for important duties. You must accomplish your duties with sometimes a secret weapon. It is time for global offensive. You are in world of war, you can’t escape from it. Shooting enemies will make you earn experiences each time. Shooting enemies will make you earn experiences each time you complete your mission successful. To shoot your enemies, you can use your counter strike series skills. In this weapon fire game, you need to focus on balconies, doors, windows, everywhere. Because you can’t know where will enemy appear. So always check every corner and pay attention for grenades in the same time. Like cs game, your accuracy skills and courage, will help you to complete your of this highly important mission. Make them regret!

Date Added: 2017-06-08

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