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A tight 2D character controller for your player, complete with collision detection, slope handling, movement, jumps, double jumps (and as many more jumps as you like), ladders, dangling, jetpack, machine gun, dash (horizontal and vertical), running, crawling, looking up, down, and more. Easy to control and tweak via the inspector to create your . enjoy!

Game Details

A funny and flippy platformer in unity 2d game. With our little hero, you can jump on platforms, shoot bad robots, overcome the obstacles and complete difficult duties. Little cute corgi took the rifle and got ready to fight with you. In this funny platform games pc adventure, you should learn how to climb stairs, jump over big things and enemy rocket launchers, super puzzle bricks and fight against evil enemy machines. Also you can enjoy the gorgeous environment that made with 2d game art. Here is a good news, you don’t have to fight alone, sometimes a green friend of your friend come to your aid and your adventure becomes more fun. If you enjoy playing 2d platform games, you should go an adventure with this unity 2d jump game, it is not completely like 2d minecraft but still we can ensure you that you will enjoy. Pc platform games are enjoyable to play most of the time, because going on an adventure is very tempting for game lovers in 2d online games world. It is maybe different from 3d platform games but most of gamers like you get pleasure. This is also one of the best platform games in 2d game development market. As well it is created with mobile game engine with the help of android game engine. Ready to go an adventure?

Date Added: 2017-05-15

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