City Builder

City Builder

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Do you want to be a mayor of your own city? That is great! In the beginning you will have a large land. It is up to you what and where will you build which buildings. The city must be built step by step or everything would be for nothing. Even school should be built on your island for education. You need to think everything, because you are a mayor, don’t forget. Of course these buildings need time to build. You will wait, while waiting, you can plan your city. The adventure is not just that, you can find some treasure chests. Maybe you will find an exciting thing for your city. Create your own city, how exciting! Design a city with your taste and will. Place your buildings in suitable places. Create how do you want. By the way, don’t forget to find the treasure. This is a builder game and one of the treasure games in the same time. While planning the city and finding treasures, don’t forget to create creatures for your safety. You can’t know what kind of dangers will you face. Yes, Mr. Mayor!

Date Added: 2017-06-19

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